Mix Just Immigration Aims with Jobs for Legal Americans

For three decades there have been two issues that politicians regarded as so thorny they were best left alone: health care and immigration. The moving parts in each subject are complicated, and feelings run so strong that Presidents and Congresses long decided to speak only in general terms on the topics and otherwise leave them alone. Now we have seen what happens when one party (call it the President Obama party) decides to impose a health care solution. The clean up is still going on five years after passage of the misnamed Affordable Care Act and it will continue long into the future. Even more so, sadly, immigration. Fortunately, some critics are bringing up one of the veiled aspects of Read More ›

Have a Hobbit Party for Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect occasion for reading The Hobbit Party by Jonathan Witt and Jay Richards, both of them Discovery fellows. It’s an amusing and sage guide to Tolkien’s philosophy as applied to modern times–to economics, for example. The distinguished Catholic priest/cultural guide, Fr. C. John McCloskey does the book proud in .

Gilder’s Golden Rhapsody to Bitcoin

Discovery Sr. Fellow George Gilder, whose Knowledge and Power books continues its slow, but steady burn, thinks he has finished a first draft of Bitcoin and Gold, the working title of his next trade book. But already he is the darling of the Bitcoin fan club. He spoke on “Bitcoin and Gold” to an tech investor audience at a Coinagenda conference in Las Vegas last week and is scheduled to do more. He also is doing a monograph just on the gold subject. Earlier in Las Vegas, at this year’s FreedomFest, Gilder told Reason TV the highlights of his enthusiasm. Look here.

The Hobbit Party, by Witt, Richards

J. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings had political messages (and economic messages, and cultural messages, etc.) that contributed, if subtly, to making these enormously popular books–and the films based on them–among the most influential and best loved works of art of the past century. However, the didactic back-story has not been well explored: until now. Read More ›