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By partnering with us during our 25th anniversary year, you will promote Steve Meyer’s book, Return of the God Hypothesis, to those who most need to hear its message of hope. You will reach millions of people with positive evidence of a purposeful universe and human uniqueness through our key initiatives:

  • Evolution News, which reaches 1.3 million users per year.
  • The ID the Future podcast, which received 700,000 listens in 2020.
  • Original videos, including new seasons of Science Uprising, Secrets of the Cell, Long Story Short, and a PragerU series featuring Steve Meyer.
  • New books published by Discovery Institute Press.
  • Summer seminars to reach future scientists and societal leaders.
  • Phase 2 of our ID 3.0 science research initiative to further mainstream intelligent design.

Your support during these tough times gives us a unique opportunity to communicate the reality of intelligent design with many people desperate for hope. Lives will be changed in the process.

Just for giving today,  you will receive a free digital monograph, Darwin’s Three Big Ideas that Impacted Humanity. If you are able to donate $300 or more, you also will gain access to a new private, donors-only online community we are launching in early 2021.

Privacy Policy

As a private research and educational institute, Discovery Institute is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Becoming a donor at any level makes you a part of our ever-growing educational network and provides you with benefits throughout the year.

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