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By partnering with us in 2023, you will reach millions of people with positive evidence of a purposeful universe and human uniqueness through our key initiatives:

  • Evolution News, which along with Mind Matters reaches 3.6 million users per year.
  • The ID the Future podcast, which received over 900,000 downloads in 2022.
  • Original videos, including new seasons of Secrets of the Cell with Michael Behe, new episodes of Long Story Short, and a theatrical film, The Story of Everything, featuring Steve Meyer.
  • New books published by Discovery Institute Press, including ones by David Berlinski and William Dembski, as well as a book documenting the terrible impact of Darwinism in Africa and a major anthology exploring how the mind can’t be reduced to the physical brain.
  • Expanded Summer seminars to reach future scientists and societal leaders.
  • Continued expansion of our ROOTS network of activists around the United States, and more Science and Faith conferences.

Your support gives us a unique opportunity to communicate the reality of intelligent design and human uniqueness. Lives will be changed in the process.

Just for giving today, you will receive a free digital monograph, A Not-So-Brief History of Intelligent Design by Jonathan Witt. If you are able to give $150 or more, you can also request a copy of Your Designed Body by Steve Laufmann and Howard Glicksman (fair market value of $21).

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