The Designed Body: Our Irreducibly Complex Blood Pressure Control System

Physician Howard Glicksman talks with host Ray Bohlin about the amazing control systems involved in something we’re all familiar with: blood pressure in this classic ID the Future episode. It’s a system requiring adjustment at every point along the way, from blood volume to blood pumping velocity to pressure out in the blood vessels. And it has to be able to act fast in order to keep us alive — which leads to some hard questions for Mr. Darwin.

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Our Irreducibly Complex Calcium Control System

3d Illustration of calcium level in the blood vein

On this episode of ID The Future from the vault, Dr. Ray Bohlin interviews Dr. Howard Glicksman about the irreducible complexity of the human calcium control system. Glicksman is a medical doctor and author of an extended series of posts at Evolution News & Science Today called The Designed Body.

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Glucose Systems in the Body — Another Instance of Irreducible Complexity

Dr. Howard Glicksman, author of an extended series at Evolution News on “The Designed Body,” is interviewed on a classic episode of ID the Future by Ray Bohlin on glucose, glycogen, glucogon, insulin — all part of an extended multi-step series essential for life — an irreducibly complex series.

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