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Michael Medved Spotlights the New Book, Your Designed Body

Steve Laufmann
November 23, 2022
On today’s ID the Future, radio host Michael Medved spotlights Your Designed Body, the new book from Discovery Institute Press by systems engineer Steve Laufmann and physician Howard Glicksman. Laufmann joins Medved on the show to offer a quick flyover of the book and to explain why he sees the human body as not only designed but designed by a master engineer, light years ahead of our best human engineers. Laufmann says that the human body is an interdependent system of systems that poses grave challenges for the Darwinian mechanism of gradual evolution by natural selection, but more than this, when the human body is studied using well-established engineering principles, we find that it anticipates numerous advanced engineering concepts and Read More ›

John West in Turin, Italy: Intelligent Design’s Roots and Fruit

John G. West
November 21, 2022
Today’s ID the Future takes us to a conference in Turin, Italy, where scholar John West speaks about the roots of intelligent design, roots that stretch back to ancient Greek and Roman philosophers. In his talk, West also makes the case that design thinking was crucial to the rise of modern science, and he traces how Darwinism has eroded design thinking, fueled scientific racism, and undermined belief in human exceptionalism. West celebrates some of Italy’s contributions to Western civilization but also calls attention to Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso, who championed various racist ideas undergirded by Darwinian thinking, disturbing work that West learned more about when he visited the Cesare Lombroso Museum in Turin. On the bright side, there has been Read More ›

Roger Olsen on Solving the Mystery of Life’s Origin

Roger L. Olsen
November 18, 2022
On this classic ID the Future, Robert J. Marks interviews Roger Olsen, co-author of the groundbreaking book The Mystery of Life’s Origin. In the work’s epilogue the authors suggested that a designing intelligence stands as the best explanation for the origin of life. And with a revised and greatly expanded new edition of the book now available, Olsen says that more than thirty-five years of additional research from the origin-of-life community have left their conclusions stronger than ever. Olsen is now an environmental scientist, and in a latter part of the interview, he tells a hair-raising story about his work abroad trying to protect families and communities from the ravages of environmental pollution.

Mind Matters

Getting Intentional About Your Screens

Andrew McDiarmid
November 24, 2022
Our obsession today with screens is, often unintentionally, taking us to places we regret. We use these windows into the world for hours every day, often unaware how intentional content creators and app designers are in shaping our decisions and forming harmful habits.

Can a Computer Be a Person?

Wesley J. Smith
November 10, 2022
Are we on the verge of the era of machines? Is AI destined to supplant most human endeavors and activities? Can a computer be deemed a person? And if so, should that computer be granted rights as part of the moral community? Will we ever attain immortality by uploading our minds into computers as transhumanists predict? And what the heck…