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Assisted Suicide is Never a Treatment for Mental Illness

Addressing the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Wesley Smith said that activists and pressure groups often use fear, in particular fear-mongering on the difficulties of death, to push through their agenda. Read More ›
Harrrisburg,  Pennsylvania Capitol
Harrrisburg, Pennsylvania Capitol

Bill to Increase Penalties for Some Assisted Suicides Passes Pennsylvania House

Assisted suicide is illegal in Pennsylvania. Now, after a depressed girl was apparently encouraged to kill herself in an Internet “pro choice” chat room, the state’s House has passed a bill increasing penalties in particular cases for such encouragement. Read More ›
African American man in a hospital bed.
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The Deadly “Quality of Life” Ethic

Something evil happened recently in Austin. Michael Hickson, a forty-six-year-old African-American man with quadriplegia and a serious brain injury, was refused treatment at St. David’s Hospital South Austin while ill with COVID-19. Read More ›
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Dutch MD Euthanized Dementia Patient Despite Being Told ‘No’

I have written before about Marinou Arends, the Dutch doctor who euthanized a woman with dementia struggling to stay alive. Readers may recall the doctor first drugged her patient’s coffee and then, when the woman awakened and fought against being killed, had the family hold the patient down while administering the lethal injection. Not only was she exonerated, but she was even praised by the judge. Read More ›