A New Road Ahead

A “New Road Ahead” by Bob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist at Microsoft, presented at the Beyond Oil conference in 2008. With Steve Marshall, Senior Fellow for Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center.


Explore Evolution

A new supplementary textbook from Hill House Publishers. The purpose of Explore Evolution is to examine the scientific controversy about Darwin’s theory, and in particular, the contemporary version of the theory known as neo-Darwinism. Whether you are a teacher, a student, or a parent, this book will help you understand what Darwin’s theory of evolution is, why many scientists find Read More ›

Richard Weikart on Darwin to Hitler at UCSB on University of California Television

On Darwin to Hitler at UCSB

In his book, From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany (2004), Richard Weikart explains the revolutionary impact Darwinism had on ethics and morality. Darwinism played a key role in the rise not only of eugenics (a movement wanting to control human reproduction to improve the human species), but also on euthanasia, infanticide, abortion, and racial extermination. Read More ›

The Wireless World

Jeff Belk, Senior VP of Strategy & Market Development, Qualcomm illuminates the immense accomplishments of the wireless revolution and its rapid growth. Read More ›

Life After Television: The cult of the amateur

In the panel discussion Joe Weinman (VP, Strategy & Emerging Services, AT&T) presents his critique of Metcalfe’s law and the panel discusses it.

A Democrat Looks at His Party…and the State of American Politics – Ted Van Dyk

One of the Northwest’s most intriguing sages on national politics is Ted Van Dyk, longtime Democratic strategist and writer who over his career has been an aide to such prominent figures as Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Senator George McGovern and philanthropist/financier Michael Milken. His new book, “Heroes, Hacks, and Fools: Memoirs from the Political Inside” (University of Washington Press), is Read More ›