Signature in the Cell

Introduction to Dr. Stephen Meyer’s book in which he discusses the origins of life and the case for intelligent design from DNA. Where does the information come from that we find in the digital code of DNA?

Why Intelligent Design is Scientific

Charles Lyell wrote, “Principles of Geology: Being an attempt to explain the former changes of earth’s surface by reference to causes now in operation.” Dr. Stephen Meyer notes systematically the current cause of all past changes and why that cause points to the positive case of intelligent design; thus rendering the process and the conclusion scientific, by Charles Darwin’s requirements.


How Dr. Meyer Became Interested in the DNA Enigma

Dr. Meyer tells the story of the conference that changed his life. In this conference he heard Dean Kenyon confess for the first time that he no longer believed his own theory of Biochemical Predestination which unveiled the DNA enigma for Dr. Meyer. Dr. Charles Thaxton, a main scientist studying the origins of life, mentored Dr. Meyer and helped him Read More ›