Poli-Sci and the Liberal Professorate

Professor Matthew Manweller at the Gorton Summer Lecture Series talks about the collegiate educational system today. He discusses the failure of colleges to educate students–instead, he suggests, they indoctrinate them. Dr. Manweller notes how tenure creates a homogeneity within academia and how students are then leaving higher education ill-prepared to be thriving U.S. citizens.

Pres. Bruce Chapman – Commenting on the Census

Special Report with Bret Baier. President of Discovery Institute and former census director, Bruce Chapman condemns the new strategies of taking the census as laid out by Pres. Obama and his administration. Read More ›

Pres. Bruce Chapman on the Census Change

President of the Discovery Institute, Bruce Chapman, answers two main questions on Fox News regarding the census: what historically has the strategy of the census been and its implications, and why would the Obama administration want to change the format. Listen in to hear his answers. Read More ›

200 Years After Darwin–Fresh Voices, Compelling Ideas

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth we are featuring comments from two scientists and a medical doctor about Darwin, his legacy, and their own skepticism of his revolutionary theory.

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Expelled: The Complexity of the Cell

Expelled documents the plight of scientists and scholars who dare to question the claims of Darwinian evolution. This past year Expelled helped to inspire state legislators to advance academic freedom in six states. As a result, in June, Louisiana successfully passed the Louisiana Science Education Act to protect scientists, teachers and students who voice their skepticism of Darwinism. Please encourage your friends and family to see this important film, and to sign the academic freedom petition like you did.

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