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Ben Shapiro Recommends Signature in the Cell

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On Monday’s episode of his podcast, Ben Shapiro discussed and strongly endorsed Stephen Meyer’s book Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, calling it a “great book.” Shapiro accepts the idea of evolution, but he also appreciates that intelligent design is ultimately a way of understanding evolution, the mechanism that drives it. “People mix up creationism and intelligent design,” he notes. Yes, they do. Signature in the Cell, he says, is a “deeply scientifically knowledgeable book, basically asking some serious questions about why it is that DNA seems to have been designed. There are a bunch of puzzles that people like Richard Dawkins really have not provided sufficient answers to.”

“It’s Not Easy Being Green”, Episode #714, The Ben Shapiro Show, (February 11, 2019: 45:55 mark).