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black sony ps 4 game controller

Successful Parallelism

OTOY founder Jules Urbach is interviewed about the possibilities of cloud computing. Urbach: You’re going to be hard-pressed to have a Playstation 4 or an Xbox 720 that has better quality than the cloud.**** It’s not just [gaming] consoles that will be threatened by this — it’s your PC. It’s your Blu-ray system.It’s going to be a very thin, cheap device that can connect to the cloud. Or maybe you’ll see a hybrid solution in the meantime. Graphics processors (GPUs) — the most robust and commercially successful and thus most rapidly advancing parallel architecture — create an image ultimately expressed in a light pattern that is intrinsically parallel since all the pixels have to been seen at once. Processors from Read More ›

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Otoy Changes the game

Because responsiveness and action are so central to many games, developers are concerned that the lag between when the distant cloud computer renders a scene and when that scene shows up on a player’s screen will spoil cloud computing’s promise. “The real-time nature of games means that cloud processing will have too long a latency to help with the biggest bottleneck in real-time game graphics,” says Tobi Saulnier, CEO and founder of 1st Playable Productions, in Troy, N.Y.Julien Merceron, worldwide chief technical director of the London-based Eidos, creators of Tomb Raider, says latency and limited bandwidth “will tend to severely limit the type of game that could benefit from the cloud and limit the resolution at which you can play Read More ›