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Democracy & Technology Blog Cisco’s exabyte estimates

Check out Cisco’s new estimates of Web application trends and Internet traffic growth in the “Exabyte Era,” as they call it.
The Exabyte Era
The methodology
We couldn’t help noticing a similarity to our work on the “Coming Exaflood.” There’s lots of great stuff in these reports, but one projection struck me as extremely conservative. Two-way video conferencing won’t take off until 2015 or after? I doubt it will happen next year, but I also doubt it will take eight years. Anyway, Cisco’s new 15 Mbps synchronous Telepresence videoconferencing system is apparently sci-fi awesome.

Bret Swanson

Bret Swanson is a Senior Fellow at Seattle's Discovery Institute, where he researches technology and economics and contributes to the Disco-Tech blog. He is currently writing a book on the abundance of the world economy, focusing on the Chinese boom and developing a new concept linking economics and information theory. Swanson writes frequently for the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal on topics ranging from broadband communications to monetary policy.