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From today’s Wall Street Journal:
Web Growth Fuels Cisco
“Cisco Chief Executive John Chambers in a conference call said the Internet is entering its second major phase, brought about by new technologies like social networking and online video. He said such trends will result in innovation and productivity increases for businesses, which will also be a boon for Cisco. “We believe there’s an opportunity to be an instant replay to what occurred for Cisco in the very early 1990s,” when the company experienced rapid growth, he said.”

Bret Swanson

Bret Swanson is a Senior Fellow at Seattle's Discovery Institute, where he researches technology and economics and contributes to the Disco-Tech blog. He is currently writing a book on the abundance of the world economy, focusing on the Chinese boom and developing a new concept linking economics and information theory. Swanson writes frequently for the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal on topics ranging from broadband communications to monetary policy.