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What’s Needed Is A Third Option for The Viaduct

This article, published by Seattle PI, mentions the Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute: By contrast, experts consulted by The Cascadia Center of the Discovery Institute have filled my e-mail box with analyses that an inland tunnel option would cost $1.7 billion at most. The rest of the article can be found here.

HOT Lanes Expansion Urged

The report featured Cascadia Center Director Bruce Agnew, and aired repeatedly in the late afternoon through evening drive, and the next day (Saturday). Longer version: .wav file (minus intro & outro) Short version: .wav file (minus intro & outro)

Can Telecommuting Take Root In Kitsap?

This article, published by the Kitsap Sun, mentions Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: Bruce Agnew, Director of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center said telework is experiencing a resurgence of interest, and can be part of a larger effort to reduce traffic and carbon emissions that includes effective mass transit, peak-hour tolls and ride-sharing. The rest of the article can Read More ›

“Future Of Transportation, Funding & Climate Change”

This is the TVW video of the Sept. 5 panel discussion at Cascadia Center’s Beyond Oil: Transforming Transportation conference titled, “Future Of Transportation, Funding and Climate Change.” Joining moderator Slade Gorton of the National Transportation Policy Project are Paul Brubaker of USDOT’s Research & Innovative Technology Administration, David Kaplan of V2Green, WSDOT Sec. Paula Hammond, Bill Rogers of Idaho National Read More ›

Columbia River Crossing: A Bridge To The Future

We in the Northwest live in a majestic place. But growth and crowded roads challenge our environment and quality of life. We need to learn how to address traffic congestion and climate change together, and to share solutions. One focal point is Columbia River Crossing, the $4.2 billion project to replace two old, crowded and dangerous bridges connecting Washington and Read More ›

Some Cities Plan To Raise Parking Fees As A Cure For Congestion

This article, published by Greenwire, quotes Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: “This is just one more opportunity to explain to people that we have to price transportation like any other utility,” said Bruce Agnew, policy director at the Cascadia Project, a Seattle-based transportation think tank. The rest of the article can be found here.  

Rail Route Idea Gets Snohomish’s Interest

This article, published by the Everett Herald, mentions Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: Bruce Agnew from the Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center for Regional Development, a regional think tank, is scheduled to make a presentation about what it takes to run commuter trains between Snohomish and King County and how people could benefit from the project. The rest of the article Read More ›

Make Eastside A Proving Ground for Innovative Transportation Ideas

By some measures, traffic congestion is worse on the east side of Lake Washington than in Seattle itself, with hourlong commutes to Bellevue from Everett and Auburn becoming common. Striking growth, led by some of the world’s most innovative companies, has transformed Eastside suburbs into a dynamic new metropolitan core, apart from Seattle and with its own transportation challenges. Harnessing Read More ›