The Lewis Legacy Issue 78

Thanksgiving: A Scientist’s Psalm

by Walter Hearn (First published in HIS Magazine in March, 1964) Praise the Lord, created thing!Let all space with praises ring!Space itself, Hosannas sing,Unto God, Jehovah, King! I Subatomic Particles Particles in smallest cracks,Known but by emulsion tracks;Let all mesons praise Messiah!Songs of praise mount ever higher! Alpha, beta, gamma rays:Join the chorus of His praise!Be you ultimate or not,All Read More ›

Gresham’s Salty Tongue

At a breakout session, Doug Gresham talked glowingly of Walter Hooper, saying that he defers to Walter’s “definitive” knowledge of the works of C. S. Lewis. Although Gresham downplayed how well Hooper knew Lewis (“Walter didn’t know Jack the man at all”), he backpedaled questions about whether Hooper exaggerated his relationship with Lewis. Gresham said that he isn’t sure that Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998 News and Views

According to the 20 September Observer, “Lewis hits the stage in November with a Royal Shakespeare Company production at Stratford of a dramatisation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by poet Adrian Mitchell.” Also, “Lewis’s seven Chronicles of Narnia have sold more than 1 million copies in Britain since his death in 1963, and have been translated into Read More ›

Gresham’s Novel Theory about The Dark Tower

The Special Centenary Edition of The Dark Tower and Other Stories(HarperCollins, 1998) announces on its back cover that “The Dark Tower … is a draft of a possible fourth volume to follow Lewis’s acclaimed adult science fiction trilogy.” Those who read that statement might be tempted to think that here is another case of sloppy writing by a publisher’s marketing Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998 Stop and Shop

Dante’s Divine Comedy: Paradise by Kathryn Lindskoog (Mercer University Press, September 1998 release). The third of three volumes, this one includes important original discoveries about Dante’s meaning and also includes much Lewis material in the footnotes from beginning to end. The 1999 World of Narnia Calendar (HarperCollins, ISBN 0-694-01094-4, $9.95/ Canada $13.95). “Glorious, richly detailed artwork by Deborah Maze brings Read More ›