The Lewis Legacy Issue 78

John West’s Web Pages

Because John West is in charge of Discovery Institute’s Web Page at, he has been able to add two C. S. Lewis sites. Discovery’s C. S. Lewis Web Page is at and The Lewis Legacy Online is at

Walter Hooper, Dealer in Lewis Relics?

Conference-goers touring the Kilns were treated to a picture of the Shroud of Turin in Lewis’s old bedroom. The picture apparently was the one given to Lewis by Sister Penelope. Where did the picture come from? Walter Hooper. Hooper also indicates he has a Norman crucifix that hung over Lewis’s bed, but he hasn’t given that to the Kilns. Also Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 78, Autumn 1998 Notes and Quotes

“He has not the talent of saying what he has to say quickly; nor is he aware that brevity is in writing what charity is to all other virtues. Righteousness is worth nothing without the one, nor authorship without the other.” Sydney Smith (1771-1845) “Your letter finds me in the midst of exams and a complete reply is impossible now. Read More ›

Jack, my Mentor, my Friend

At one of the concluding banquets at the Oxbridge conference, Doug Gresham read from a poem that he said he wrote around 25 years ago about the death of C. S. Lewis. The interesting thing is that the poem includes what sounds like a death scene between Gresham and Lewis, as if Gresham was at Lewis’s bedside when he died. Read More ›

C. S. Lewis and Contemporary Culture

by Douglas Gresham, 16 April 1998 “The purpose of this lecture series is to bring speakers to campus who are able to communicate the message of Christianity in the tradition of C. S. Lewis. “ Provocative or Questionable Quotes from Doug’s Lecture QUOTES ABOUT LEWIS About the age of four, a little dog that he was fond of in the Read More ›