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Dover Judge Regurgitates Mythological History of Intelligent Design

Several newspapers covering today’s Kitzmiller vs. Dover ruling against intelligent design are highlighting Judge John Jones’ spurious determination that intelligent design is creationism in disguise. They’re accurately reporting the judge’s opinion here, for his decision reads like a condensation of atheist-activist Barbara Forrest’s mythological history of intelligent design. The Christian Science Monitor reports that the judge decided that “‘Intelligent design’ is just Read More ›

We Are Not Alone

Since early this century, scientists working in origin-of-life research have repeatedly tried to demonstrate that life’s simplest organisms could have evolved from simpler, nonliving molecules. This theory, known as chemical evolution, has dominated thinking about the origin of life for most of this century. So when Charles Thaxton, Walter Bradley, and Roger Olsen decided to critique chemical evolution, they didn’t expect their scientific audience to be ready to listen. Their audience has surprised them. Read More ›