The Price of Panic

The last months have been unlike anything we’ve ever seen, with extreme measures taken around the world to slow the spread of COVID-19. The policy of lockdowns and mass quarantines were widely adopted — but each passing day begs the question, did we take the right approach? COVID-19 is no doubt a real disease that should be taken seriously. But, Read More ›

Trade and invest wallpaper

Future Imperfect

In this intriguingly contrarian rework of the Thomas Friedman “hot and flat” motif, Gregg Easterbrook asserts that venture capitalists are no better than lottery players when it comes to choosing new technology companies. He reports that leading stock analysts outperform broad market-index funds only one-third of the time. He adds that the preeminent financial pundits break into two groups — Read More ›

Because It Works. That’s Why!

Richard Feynman once remarked that unless one is able to make one’s ideas understandable to college freshmen, one doesn’t really understand them. On the other hand, when asked by a reporter to explain why he was awarded the Nobel Prize, Feynman remarked, “Listen buddy, if I could explain it in fifty words or less, it wouldn’t be worth a Nobel Read More ›

Fishing for votes

As any statistician knows, Vice President Al Gore’s plan to recount votes in Democratic-majority counties has been intrinsically unfair. During the last three weeks, Gore’s lawyers mounted a full-court press to force hand recounts in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Most recently, they sought a court order to hand count some 10,000 ballots in Miami-Dade County that did not Read More ›