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Secrets of the Cell, Episode 3: The Power of Evolution

In this episode of Secrets of the Cell, biochemist Michael Behe starts by exploring the amazing mechanical gears discovered in planthopper insects that scream “design!,” and then he moves into a discussion of the theory of evolution and what it hopes to explain. Further Exploration Use the links below to explore more about the issues raised in this episode. More Read More ›

Can the Theory of Evolution be Simulated through Lab Experiments?

Can the Theory of Evolution be Simulated through Lab Experiments?

Michigan State University biologist Richard Lenski tests evolution and random mutations acting on natural selection to determine what evolution can do. He has experimented with bacteria to see what new functions can evolve just through random mutations acting on natural selection. Biologist Michael Behe has found that there are severe limitations to getting the coordinated mutations that natural selection needs Read More ›


The Edge of Evolution

When Michael J. Behe’s first book, Darwin’s Black Box, was published in 1996, it launched the intelligent design movement. Critics howled, yet hundreds of thousands of readers and a growing number of scientists were intrigued by Behe’s claim that Darwinism could not explain the complex machinery of the cell. Now, in his long-awaited follow-up, Behe presents far more than a challenge Read More ›