John Snow

Self-Inflicted Wounds

The tax cuts were the appropriate medicine for the economy and are already having the desired effect, yet the president’s approval rating for economic management continues to fall. In part, this is due to a series of politically motivated economic mistakes that have slowed the recovery. Not everyone in the administration has learned that good economics is good politics and Read More ›

Two New Salesmen

Will the new Bush economic team succeed? The short answer is yes, and here’s why. John Snow and Stephen Friedman have been brought on as Treasury Secretary and head of the National Economic Council not so much to make policy as to sell it. They have reputations as consensus builders, and for being effective advocates for their policies. Critics of Read More ›

Wall Street Journal Recommends Discovery Fellow for Treasury

In its lead editorial today, The Wall Street Journal recommended Discovery Senior Fellow Richard Rahn for a high-level post in the Treasury Department to effectively push for persistent tax reduction and simplification. This story primarily examines the record of newly appointed Treasury Secretary John Snow.