Jerry Coyne

Back and Forth with Jerry Coyne, Part 2

Dear Readers, Today I have continued my response to University of Chicago evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, which began yesterday and will conclude tomorrow.  Just a reminder that I’m only quoting the portions of his response that I specifically address here because it quickly gets awkward to include all of the context.  Readers who want to see the full back-and-forth should read his Read More ›

Back and Forth with Jerry Coyne, Part 1

Dear Readers, University of Chicago evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne has responded at to my reply here on to his review of The Edge of Evolution in The New Republic. Here I will respond back — not to everything he wrote (nor to other posts and replies on that website), but only to what I think are the more important points of his original Read More ›

Response to Critics, Part 1: Jerry Coyne

Dear Readers, Major reviews of The Edge of Evolution have begun to appear. Because the conclusion of the book is so controversial, it’s no surprise that responses by some Darwinists so far have been pretty emotional and defensive. I’ll be writing brief replies here to unfavorable reviews by the most prominent academic Darwinists, just to point out important miscues and errors. Later, Read More ›

Critics Rave Over Icons of Evolution

When my book Icons of Evolution was published in 2000, critics greeted it with rave reviews. I have been truly amazed at the outpouring of warmth from some of my fellow scientists, who have been trying to outdo each other in the superlatives they bestow on my work. In my case, however, “rave review” doesn’t mean extravagant praise, but wild Read More ›

Michael Behe’s Response to Boston Review Critics

The following is Michael Behe’s response to the essays published by Boston Review following Allen Orr’s review of Darwin’s Black Box. Allen Orr Professor Orr has a mistaken notion of irreducible complexity. I thought I made that clear in my reply, but from his response I suppose I did not, so let me try again. I define irreducible complexity in Read More ›