DNA by Design

This paper will develop a design hypothesis, not as an explanation for the origin of species, but as an explanation for the origin of the information required to make a living system in the first place. Whereas Darwinism and neo-Darwinism address the former question, theories of chemical evolution have addressed the latter question of the ultimate origin of life. This essay will contest the causal adequacy of chemical evolutionary theories based upon “chance,” “necessity,” and their combination. Instead, a third type of explanation — intelligent design — provides a better explanation for the origin of the information present in large biomacromolecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteins. To paraphrase Sober, this paper will present a version of the design hypothesis that disagrees with strictly materialistic theories of chemical evolution and provides a better explanation for the observed complexity of the simplest living organisms. Read More ›

ID Will Win in the End

William Dembski, Research News & Opportunities, subtitle: , NULL Read More ›

Fifty-two Ohio Scientists Call for Academic Freedom on Darwin’s Theory

Note: This list of 52 scientists was assembled by Jody Sjogren and Robert DiSilvestro of Ohio. Discovery Institute is pleased to help in publicizing this list. Contact: Jody Sjogren (614) 485-8000 [email protected] DiSilvestro (614) 292-6848 [email protected] To Enhance the Effectiveness of Ohio Science Education, as Scientists We Affirm: That biological evolution is an important scientific theory that should be taught Read More ›