Obama Administration Risks Constitutional Crisis in Flouting Health Care Law Ruling

The Obama Administration Department of Interior has just been held in contempt for refusing to abide by a federal judge’s ruling. “Not content with that flouting of a court order, the Obama Administration is now ignoring an even more important ruling it doesn’t like,” says bioethicist Wesley J. Smith. “a federal judge throwing out the entire Patient Affordability Act as Read More ›

Dr. Bob’s RX for our Managed Care Mess

I’ve reached a conclusion about my friend, Dr. Bob. God made him without waiting for the environmental impact study. Dr. Bob Cihak (pronounced Chee Hawk) grew up in South Dakota and claims he didn’t know “bohunk” was an insult until long after he got to Harvard. “I’ve always considered it a compliment,” he avows, and still occasionally wears his “Bohunk Read More ›