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Arizona a Bright Beacon for Educational Freedom

As more edupreneurs come on the scene and parents are able to use their state-issued funding to select education for their children from an array of innovative options, quality and transparency will be demanded. Read More ›

Regional Leaders Discuss High Speed Rail

This article, published by the Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce, refers to an event put on by the Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute: His destination: the opening ceremonies for Cascadia Rail Week, an effort to bring better train service to the region between Vancouver, B.C., and Eugene. The rest of the article can be found here.

High Speed Rail Dreams Depend On Dedicated Tracks

This article, published by Seattle PI, mentions the Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute: “True” high-speed rail would exceed 150 mph, but the Amtrak Cascades line between Eugene, Ore., and Vancouver, B.C., is more likely to see incremental progress from the current top speed of 79 mph to between 110 and 125 mph (the top potential speed of the current Talgo trains), Cascadia Project rail fellow Ray Read More ›

High Speed Rail Supporters Meet in Portland

This article, published by Oregon Public Broadcasting, quotes Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: Bruce Agnew: “To go faster than that, you have to put more grade separation, overpasses and underpasses into the system. And we’re not there yet. We’re hoping to get about a billion dollars in federal funding which would allow us to go beyond 79 miles per hour Read More ›

How To Pay For The Roads Still Traveled

I had a telling conversation with an old friend several months ago, a devoted environmentalist who’s a community college biology teacher living south of San Francisco in a pleasant small town abutting the Pacific. I don’t recall how it came up, but she declared, “We’ve just got to get more people out of their cars.” Then came a pregnant pause, Read More ›

A Funding Idea For Puget Sound’s Forward Thrust?

Puget Sound Passenger Ferry Coalition A Funding Idea For Puget Sound’s Forward Thrust? At the December 7th Puget Sound Leadership Ferry Summit in Bremerton, the Cascadia Center distributed the attached brief, “Principles For An Inter-local Agreement On Expanded Puget Sound Passenger-only Ferry .” Also at the session, co-host Cary Bozeman, Mayor of the City of Bremerton spoke eloquently of developing Read More ›

Imagine A Network Of Foot Ferries – Our Century’s “Forward Thrust” For Puget Sound

Over the holidays, lucky travelers got a “back to the future” moment on the Salish Sea when Washington State Ferries provided direct passenger-only service — on the mothballed MV Snohomish — between downtown Seattle and the iconic seaside town of Port Townsend. The temporary route began after the state pulled the old Steel Electric car ferries off the Port Townsend-Whidbey Read More ›

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Unintelligent Designs on Academic Freedom

It’s been an unusual week in the academy. The academic freedom that so incensed Bill Buckley as a student at Yale decades ago is now acting to protect a conservative scholar under fire. Baylor’s J.M. Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies hired Francis Beckwith as its Associate Director last summer. Although previously known as a philosopher who had developed powerful critiques Read More ›