The Human Factor

A review of:The Language of GodA Scientist PresentsEvidence for Beliefby Francis S. CollinsFree Press, 304 pp., $26 Head of the Human Genome Project, Francis Collins is among the country’s foremost author ities on genetics, a staunch Darwinist, and a prominent critic of Intelligent Design. He’s also an evangelical Christian who dramatically describes the moment he accepted Jesus as his personal Read More ›

Jarring Sects

Editor’s Note: The following article appears in the June/July Edition of First Things. Is science really at war with religion? Pamela Winnick’s answer is a firm and worried yes. And in A Jealous God she demonstrates that this war threatens not only religion but science as well—with the threat coming from the very people who perceive themselves to be science’s Read More ›

Three Views on Creation and Evolution

Three Views on Creation and Evolution

For Christians, the issues raised by the different views on creation and evolution can be challenging. Can a “young earth” be reconciled with a universe that appears to be billions of years old? Does scientific evidence point to a God who designed the universe and life in all its complexity? Three Views on Creation and Evolution deals with these and Read More ›

Hear the Great Debate on Intelligent Design!

You can now watch the video or listen to the audio of the unusually fair debate on intelligent design that took place on April 26th at Town Hall, Seattle. Participating in the debate were Dr. Peter G. Ward, noted University of Washington astro-biologist and co-author of Rare Earth, and Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, philosopher of science, Director of the Center Read More ›

Letter: A Tree of Life Does Not Exist

Original Article (PDF) (German) Re: Did Humans Descend from Apes?, Article of May 5. Although the majority of scientists believe in a naturalist origin of life and its higher development, only a small minority are actually in a position to defend this trust with technical reasoning. In the Mannheim area hundreds of PhD scientists who do not believe this theory Read More ›

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Did Humans Descend from Monkeys?

Original Article (PDF) (German) First there was the monkey. He sat on the left side of the picture, it was a happy chimpanzee, and to the right sat a brooding person. And between the monkey and the person was an arrow with the point aimed at the person, with a question mark over the arrow. This is how Caroline Crocker Read More ›

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Whether ID is Science isn’t Semantics

Judge John Jones’ 139-page opinion in Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District raises questions that go far beyond the legalities of this specific case. I won’t offer an opinion on whether the judge’s decision is correct — although apparently he’s never met an objection to intelligent design he doesn’t like and some of his “findings” seem vastly more sweeping than Read More ›

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Darwin’s Jews

A sophisticated debate about Darwinian evolution is going on at the topmost levels of the Catholic Church. In the Jewish community, however, the discussion remains mostly primitive and ill informed. Surely this embarrassing state of affairs can be corrected, and I have a suggestion. Read More ›
Puffin Talk on Saltee Island Great, one of my favourite spots on earth. See this picture also on Unsplash or in my categorie Birds.The Saltee Islands are a pair of small islands lying 5 kilometres off the southern coast of County Wexford in Ireland. The two islands are Great Saltee (89 hectares) and Little Saltee (37 hectares). Both have been privately owned by the Neale family since 1943.
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Intelligent Design is not Creationism

In 2004, the distinguished philosopher Antony Flew of the University of Reading made worldwide news when he repudiated a lifelong commitment to atheism and affirmed the reality of some kind of a creator. Flew cited evidence of intelligent design in DNA and the arguments of “American [intelligent] design theorists” as important reasons for this shift. Since then, British readers have Read More ›

Steve Fuller: Designer Trouble

This article, published by The Guardian, mentions Discovery Institute Center for Science & Culture Senior Fellow Michael Behe: Michael Behe, the architect of ID and the star witness in the Dover trial, was publicly disowned by his biological sciences department at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. The rest of the article can be found here.