Get Ready for a Busy 2014 in Bioethics

My taskmasters at the CBC never allow me to rest on my laurels. Fresh off several years of stellar prognosticating, I am now forced to answer the question: “But what have you predicted, lately?” Okay, let’s take a look. Oh! Oh my. Please remember, the following predictions are what I see happening. They do not reflect what I want to happen. Affordable Care Act, Read More ›

Preventing (Some) Suicides

Since Jack Kevorkian first made headlines in 1990, the media have touted assisted suicide by the dying and severely disabled in positive, sometimes even glowing, terms. Actually, “touted” may be too weak a word. For two decades, the media have repeatedly presented emotional narratives of very ill or disabled people who “just want to die,” along with sympathetic depictions of Read More ›

My Predictions in Bioethics Right Again!

Can you believe a year has come and gone since I last told you what would happen, before it happened, in bioethics? Maybe it’s my increasing age, but time is passing too fast! So, how did I do? Not as well as in years past, but still an A-. Let’s take a look: The Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act, Read More ›

The Suicide Juggernaut

Advocates of assisted suicide tell two—no, three—lies that act as the honey to help the hemlock go down. The first is that assisted suicide/euthanasia is a strictly medical act. Second, they falsely assure us that medicalized killing is only for the terminally ill. Finally, they promise that strict guidelines will be rigorously enforced to protect against abuse. Recent legislative proposals Read More ›

Euthanized Patients a New Source of Organ Donations in Belgium

This article, published by BioEdge, quotes Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Wesley Smith: … Conservative bioethicist Wesley Smith has attacked the proposal, stating that there is “nothing more dangerous than making mentally ill and despairing disabled people believe their deaths have greater value than their lives”. The rest of the article can be found here.

Euphemisms as Political Manipulation

Americans have lost the art of honest debate. Perhaps better stated, we have thrown it away. Advocates on all sides of political and cultural spectrums cynically manipulate public opinion through focus group–tested obfuscating words and phrases rather than persuade through candid and accurate descriptions of advocacy agendas. I have grappled with this tactic for over twenty years as an activist Read More ›

The Coercive Freedom of Choice

We are becoming a society in which “choice” and self-defined identities trump once-common values and traditional beliefs. But contrary to the rhetoric of its defenders, this shift is not a simple advance for freedom. The privileging of “choice” above all else in fact requires re-engineering the human person and society as a whole, and this will inevitably involve a great Read More ›

Gosnell Not An Abberation

Some have taken cold comfort in the hope that late term abortion/infanticide is an aberration. But that isn’t necessarily so, either in practice, or more particularly, in advocacy. Indeed, the idea that it is ethical to kill newborns—whether after a botched abortion or after normal birth—has been gaining traction for many years. Nor is the Gosnell trial the first case Read More ›

Medicinal Murder

The forty-five-year-old twin brothers had not contracted a terminal illness. Nor were Marc and Eddy Verbessem in physical pain. Both had been born deaf and were progressively losing their eyesight. As the Telegraph reported, “The pair told doctors that they were unable to bear the thought of not being able to see each other again,” and so wanted to die. Read More ›