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In September 2008, Discovery Institute participated in an online debate at over the question “Does Intelligent Design Have Merit?” Participants on the pro-ID side included Casey Luskin (Discovery Institute staff), Michael Behe (senior fellow, Discovery Institute), and Jay Richards (senior fellow, Discovery Institute). Participants on the anti-ID side included the National Center for Science Education, the Ayn Rand Center Read More ›

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Darwinism at AEI

Early in May, the American Enterprise Institute held a debate about Darwinism, a faith embedded in many debates, whether scientific, religious or political. The recent irruption of atheism can be traced to the Darwinian creed, for the well publicized testimonials of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens all have recourse to Darwinism at various points. It purports to explain Read More ›

Audience listens lecturer at workshop
Audience listens lecturer at workshop in conference hall

Are the Darwinists Afraid to Debate Us?

Nowhere is the free exchange of ideas supposed to be more robust or uninhibited than on college campuses. Thus, it is disheartening that certain professors and even some journalists are seeking to prevent scientists and philosophers who support the theory of intelligent design from explaining their views at the Darwin v. Design conference on the Southern Methodist University campus Friday Read More ›

Intelligent Design Proponents Challenge SMU Professors to Debate

This article, published by The Christian Post, mentions Discovery Institute: In response to SMU science professors’ protests against next week’s “Darwin vs. Design” conference on campus, Bruce Chapman, president of the Discovery Institute, sent a letter to the chairs of three departments at the school. The rest of the article can be found here.


Broadband Brawl

The 10th Annual Gilder | Forbes Telecosm Conference, held October 4-6, 2006 in Lake Tahoe, California, featured an outstanding panel and debate sponsored by the Discovery Institute on the subject of Network Neutrality regulation. Broadband Brawl: A Debate Over Net Neutrality Tod Cohen: Vice-President and Deputy General Counsel, Government Relations, eBay George Gilder, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute; Editor in Chief, Read More ›


Darwinism Defeated?

This volume contains a debate between design advocate Phillip E. Johnson and evolutionary biologist Denis Lamoureux, with commentary from other scholars in this debate. Though differing in opinion over evolution, all contributors are Christians who conduct the discussion in a civil manner. Dr. Lamoureux asks challenging questions of Johnson, asserting that Johnson’s position is based upon “God-of-the-gaps” type arguments. Lamoureax Read More ›

participants at the debate

Advocates of Intelligent Design, Scientific Method Square Off

The debate about how life developed received a high-profile airing last night on one of the nation's most venerable stages. The arguments are sure to echo in Ohio, where state educators are struggling over how to teach the subject in biology classes. Two renowned evolutionists and two backers of a competing concept called intelligent design battled it out at the American Museum of Natural History in one of the most significant national debates on the subject since the fabled Scopes "monkey trial" 77 years ago. Read More ›