Darwin's Dilemma

Are Pre-Cambrian Fossils the Solution to Darwin’s Dilemma?

On this episode of ID the Future, David Boze interviews Casey Luskin about a new study which determined that Precambrian microfossils could not have been evolutionary ancestors of the complex animals that appear in the Cambrian explosion. Previously, Darwinian paleontologists believed these fossils were multicellular animal embryos, but computer tomographic analysis has now shown they were single-celled algae-like organisms. As Read More ›

California Science Center
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Discovery Institute Sues California Science Center for Suppressing Public Documents Showing Viewpoint Discrimination Against Intelligent Design

Los Angeles, CA — Discovery Institute has filed a lawsuit against the California Science Center (the “Center”) for unlawfully refusing to disclose public documents requested by Discovery Institute under the California Public Records Act. Discovery Institute filed the public documents request on October 9, 2009, following the Center’s October 6, 2009 cancellation of a contract with the American Freedom Alliance Read More ›

steps up Machu picchu
Steps at Machu Picchu With Impressive Mountains
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Climbing Mount Improbable

Richard Dawkins has famously elaborated on Darwin's theory of natural selection, arguing that through a slow incremental process, evolution can explain the rise of new species. The new film, Darwin's Dilemma shows where Dawkins goes wrong. Read More ›

Darwin’s Dilemma Trailer

A documentary about the puzzling evidence from the Cambrian time period. During the time, an unfathomable amount of new life came into the world’s scene far too quickly for natural selection to be the chief cause. Watch the trailer and order the DVD to learn more.

Film uses science, not religion, to debate Darwin

With nothing but a projector screen and folding chairs, the tiny Embassy Auditorium of the Davidson Conference Center is a far cry from the 50-foot-high IMAX theater where Darwin’s Dilemma was originally scheduled to be screened. Even though the California Science Center recently backed out of its contract to host the film’s Los Angeles premiere, the tensions created by the Read More ›