Dallas conference

How Dr. Meyer Became Interested in the DNA Enigma

Dr. Meyer tells the story of the conference that changed his life. In this conference he heard Dean Kenyon confess for the first time that he no longer believed his own theory of Biochemical Predestination which unveiled the DNA enigma for Dr. Meyer. Dr. Charles Thaxton, a main scientist studying the origins of life, mentored Dr. Meyer and helped him better understand the questions needing to be answered regarding the topic.

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The universe has a designer, speakers say

This article, published by Baptist Press, mentions Discovery Institute and the Center for Science & Culture: Strobel was joined by noted scientists Stephen Meyer, Jay Richards and Michael Behe for the “Darwin vs. Design” presentation of the Center for Science & Culture at the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based group of researchers exploring the worldview implications of science. The rest of Read More ›