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Rails And Trails Could Coexist Easily On Eastside

Imagine a crisp fall morning bike ride along glistening Lake Washington at Gene Coulon Park in Renton. Your family decides to hop on the new double-decked, domed “Colorado Rail Car” like the one you used to explore Denali National Park on your Alaskan cruise. You store your bikes on the train’s rack and head to the coffee car. Traveling north Read More ›

EPA’s not tracking with rail goals

The appeal of commuter rail linking Everett to Tacoma was one of the primary reasons voters gave Sound Transit the $3.9 billion go-ahead (finally) in 1996. After all, Amtrak runs intercity passenger trains on the tracks with freight trains. Why not add commuter trains on the existing track and let passengers connect with ferries and local transit at new multimodal centers in Edmonds, Mukilteo and Everett? Commuter rail will be a fraction of the cost of light rail and will be used most heavily when I-5 can use some relief -- namely, during rush hours. Riders will be offered an energy-efficient, fast and friendly alternative to the nightly parade of red lights. Makes sense, right? Well, not to the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA apparently fears wetland destruction and loss of eelgrass between Seattle and Everett if Sound Transit has to add 1.6 miles to the 82-mile corridor of passing track along Puget Sound. Read More ›