Habitable Zones in the Universe

Abstract: Habitability varies dramatically with location and time in the universe. This was recognized centuries ago, but it was only in the last few decades that astronomers began to systematize the study of habitability. The introduction of the concept of the habitable zone was key to progress in this area. The habitable zone concept was first applied to the space Read More ›

Good Reason To Shoot For The Moon

Original Article President Bush has announced an overhaul to NASA’s long-term goals and recommended that the United States once again send men (and perhaps women) to the moon. But the price tag for such ventures would be steep. As the Seattle Post-Intelligencer noted in its Jan. 12 editorial (“It’s easy: Just stop spending”), with growing federal deficits the president’s goal Read More ›

Lunar Secrets

Original Article and Online Interview It’s hard to know exactly when or how life began on Earth; there are very few rocks and fossils left over from the planet’s early days. The Earth has swallowed some of its crust, and water has worn away its surface. Now a team of researchers has discovered a place where early signs of life Read More ›