Are there established scientists who challenge Darwinian evolution on a scientific basis?

Yes. Various tenets of Darwinian evolution, and the evidence put forth to support it, has been scientifically challenged by doctoral scientists, researchers and theorists at a number of universities, colleges, and research institutes around the world. Over 700 scientists have signed the Scientific Dissent from Darwin statement since it originated in 2001. Read More ›


Casey Luskin answers the question, Is Intelligent Design Based on the Bible? as well as others. This is a FAQ Video for the intelligentdesign.org site.


Why Being Human Matters

Discovery Senior Fellow Wesley J. Smith offers a lecture on what it means to be human. Mr. Smith is Discovery’s most active contributor to bioethics. A prolific author, activist, and former Ralph Nader co-author, he has become one of the nation’s leading advocates for the value and sanctity of human life. His most recent book, Consumer’s Guide to the Brave Read More ›