The Problem with Darwinian Solutions:

Despite its early potential, evolutionary developmental biology — evo devo for short — has yet to make good on its promise.  In his review of Endless Forms Most Beautiful Sean Carroll’s new book on evo devo, Michael Ruse faults intelligent design (ID) for harping on evolution’s unsolved problems. Moreover, Carroll as well as Ruse suggest that evo devo has now resolved one of the Read More ›

“Wedge II” Discovery at Discovery Dumpster Reveals Theocracy Plan

A top-secret document — dubbed “Wedge II: the Discovery Code” — has been uncovered in a dumpster behind the Seattle office of Discovery Institute. As reconstituted by a special Disciples of Darwin investigative team, the document reveals a well-advanced plan for instituting a theocracy in America. Evolution defenders and other free thinkers have warned of this kind of plot for Read More ›

There’s an Intelligent Defence for Intelligent Design

President George W. Bush’s recent comments about public education and life’s origins have placed the intelligent-design movement squarely in the public eye. Should intelligent design be taught in science classes as an explanation of life’s origin, alongside evolution (where “evolution” is understood as involving no intelligent causes whatsoever), or not? Having recently studied the question of intelligent design’s scientific status Read More ›

The Link Between Breast Cancer and Abortion

The news about the dangers of abortion is getting out, despite suppression by scientists and other vested interests — in particular, the relationship of abortion and subsequent breast cancer in the youngest women, those under age 18. They should be informed about the abortion-breast cancer link, especially if they become pregnant unexpectedly. Read More ›

New Book by Italian Geneticist Criticizes Darwin’’s Theory of Evolution

SEATTLE –Italian geneticist Giuseppe Sermonti maps what he depicts as a growing scientific case against neo-Darwinism in his new book, Why is a Fly Not a Horse? (Discovery Institute Press, July 2005). Sermonti challenges the myth that all critics of Darwinism are American religious fundamentalists and argues that since genetics does not explain even the present forms of life, genetic Read More ›

Supreme Court’s Kelo Decision Justifies Euthanasia

Original article Last month’s United States Supreme Court decision in the Kelo v. New London case strikes at the heart of our freedoms – and, if left unchallenged, imperils our right to life itself. How do we derive such a broad threat from this private property case? Let’s look at the conclusions of the court. In the Kelo decision, the Read More ›

The Free Press Is Essential, But Journalists Cannot Be Above Law

The New York Times had an editorial the other day about a highly paid corporate CEO who was charged with questionable accounting practices. “He knew what the law was,” it said, “but he thought the law was wrong. He thought that gave him the right to disregard the law. America does not work that way. If we don’t like a Read More ›

Professors Defend Ohio Grad Student Under Attack by Darwinists

Background Note by Discovery Institute Bryan Leonard is a doctoral candidate in science education at Ohio State University (OSU) whose academic freedom has been under attack. For the past several weeks, Darwinists have been waging an outrageous public disinformation campaign against Leonard in an apparent effort to prevent him from succesfully defending his dissertation. For more information on Bryan Leonard’s Read More ›

ID Theory: Open to ‘Design’ Possibilities

Letter to the editor: In her Aug. 24 commentary, “Stick to Science, ISU,” Rekha Basu writes about an anti-intelligent design petition led by Hector Avalos, an associate professor of religious studies at Iowa State University and faculty adviser to the ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society. Basu noted that I’m a national leader in the ID movement who “has said publicly Read More ›

The O’Connor Test

Original Article After a tough beginning, last week may turn out to be a good one for the Ten Commandments, or at least for Ten Commandment displays on state property. Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement likely will swing the Court’s balance of power toward those who would allow the government to acknowledge and endorse religion. O’Connor announced her resignation last Friday, Read More ›