Anti-ID stance is good old intolerance again

Original Article In the thinly disguised play based on the Scopes trial, Inherit the Wind, the Clarence Darrow character (Drummond) cross-examines the William Jennings Bryan character (Brady). To prove how intolerant Brady is in defending the law that forbade the teaching of evolution, Drummond asks Brady to suppose that Mr. Cates, the Scopes character, “had enough influence and lung power Read More ›

Trial Exposes America’s Division Over Evolution

DOVER, Pa. — Outside the Dover fire hall last week, taking a break from a video lecture on “Why Evolution is Stupid,” Judy Grim blamed Darwin’s theory for America’s moral woes. “If I’m taught there is a God I’m responsible to, I know I have to treat people right,” said Grim, 63. “But if there’s no creator to answer to, Read More ›

New Mexico Schools Could Enter Battle Over ‘Intelligent Design’

Original Article HARRISBURG, Pa. — As a federal judge hears arguments over whether a Pennsylvania school district can include “intelligent design” in its biology curriculum, Dan Barbour fears that the New Mexico high school where he works could face a similar showdown. The school board in Rio Rancho, N.M., voted in August to allow the discussion of alternative theories to Read More ›

Does God Have a Place in Class?:

Evolution is once again in the public spotlight. As always, local school boards and legislatures debate it; lawyers from California to Kansas, Georgia and Pennsylvania litigate it. But this time around there is a noticeable change. The topic is no longer fuelled merely by the next lawsuit or flap over textbook stickers. One opens a recent New Yorker and sees Read More ›

The Timeless Truth of Creation

Original Article Have you heard about Flying Spaghetti Monsterism? FSM is a four-month-old ”religion” founded on the belief that the universe was created by an invisible flying clump of spaghetti and meatballs. This blob of pasta, FSM’s ”followers” say, uses its ”noodly appendage” to play an ongoing role in human affairs. For example, it tampers with carbon-dating tests to make Read More ›

God and Matter: The Evolution of the Evolution Debate

Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna Christoph Schönborn has stepped into the confused controversies surrounding evolution, and added some much needed clarity.  Just enough clarity, mind you. Not too much. Not too little. In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, “Finding Design in Nature,” Cardinal Schönborn issued a crystal-clear warning to proponents of Darwinism: Stop misusing Pope John Paul II’s Read More ›

Roseville District Keeping Close Eye on Evolution Trial

Original Article Granite Bay resident Valerie Weinberg sees a striking similarity between the fight she waged to keep anti-evolution material out of her sons’ high school science classes and the trial unfolding this week 2,700 miles away in Pennsylvania. “I see it as right along the lines of what we would have had to deal with had our board voted Read More ›

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Intelligent Design Revisited

The thrust of the e-mails was that ID is not science-based but is purely a matter of — Biblical creationism in disguise. It cannot be tested in a lab (can macroevolution or any historical science be reproduced in a lab?). As such, ID should only be taught in public schools, if at all, under the rubric of philosophy or religion, not science. Besides, it is just one alternative theory. If you teach it, in fairness you must teach all other competing theories. But not all scientists agree that ID lacks a scientific foundation. Read More ›