Why Russia and China Do Not Act on Syria

In a recent interview with the Business Insider, I said that “problems in Iran and Syria are ‘wonderful for the Russian economy.’” I meant it. Adam Taylor’s article, “For all the bluster, these three reasons show Russia’s position on Iran may be surprisingly sane” explores well why Russia is interested in the ambiguity around Iranian nuclear program. In brief, two Read More ›

For All the Bluster, These 3 Reasons Show Russia’s Position On Iran May Be Surprisingly Sane

To many observers, Russia often appears to be dragging its feet in international condemnation of Iran. Last month, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was quick to say that after military attack on Iran the “consequences will be truly catastrophic, their real scope impossible to imagine.” Russia has also frequently pushed against the use of sanctions on Iran. This week it called Read More ›

Peer Reviewed Works

Editor’s Note: While intelligent design (ID) research is a new scientific field, recent years have been a period of encouraging growth, producing a strong record of peer-reviewed scientific publications. In 2011, the ID movement counted its 50th peer-reviewed scientific paper and new publications continue to appear. The current boom goes back to 2004, when Discovery Institute senior fellow Stephen Meyer Read More ›

George Gilder Connects the Internet’s Future with Jobs and Investment

This article, published by NextGenWeb, contains an interview with Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: NextGenWeb recently sat down with George Gilder, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, Editor in Chief of the Gilder Technology Report, and contributing editor to Forbes magazine (for a complete bio, click here). The rest of the article can be found here.

Against All Gods: What’s Right and Wrong about the New Atheism

Widely considered a founder of the contemporary intelligent design (ID) scientific movement, law professor and author Phillip Johnson’s 1991 book Darwin on Trial convinced many thinkers that neo-Darwinian evolution was based more on the philosophy of naturalism than on the scientific evidence. Now, Johnson has teamed up with John Mark Reynolds to write Against All Gods: What’s Right and Wrong Read More ›

Lively Truth-Teller

The 5 Big Lies About American Business: Combating Smears Against the Free-Market Economy—by Michael Medved (Crown Forum, $26.99). Must reading for the White House and every anticapitalist politician, pundit and economist. Employing a mother lode of facts, Medved, with verve and wit, thoroughly demolishes five myths about business: capitalism is dying because of the economic crisis; when the rich get Read More ›

Science Center Intolerant of Intelligent Design

This article, published by OneNewsNow, quotes Casey Luskin of Discovery Institute: In November, the center released 44 pages of documents and claimed that all the records requested by the Discovery Institute were included. However, Casey Luskin, the program officer with the institute, claims that is not true. The rest of the article can be found here.

Intelligent Design Author Receives World Magazine’s Man of the Year Honor

Seattle — World Magazine has named Stephen C. Meyer “Daniel of the Year,” their version of man of the year, for his groundbreaking work in explaining the evidence for intelligent design in his authoritative new book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design (HarperOne). Meyer’s book has already made year-end lists with Amazon.com naming it one of Read More ›