California’s Other Senator

MY STATE of California now has three United States senators. No, we weren’t granted increased representation because we are the biggest state. Rather, New Jersey Democratic senator Jon Corzine just tried to boost California’s biotech sector by personally donating $100,000 to help pass Proposition 71, an initiative on the November ballot that would force Californians to borrow $3 billion over Read More ›

Death Plays the Name Game

ASSISTED SUICIDE/EUTHANASIA activists are sure a restless bunch. They never seem able to settle on the right terminology to convince people to support legalizing mercy killing. First, it was euthanasia, a perfectly fine word that had a meaning generally akin to today’s concept of hospice before being hijacked by the right-to-die crowd in the early 20th century. When “euthanasia” didn’t Read More ›

None Dare Call It Cloning

“British scientists have been given permission to perform therapeutic cloning using human embryos for the first time,” reported the August 11, 2004, BBC News. What a remarkable statement. Not the fact that the UK will permit researchers to create human cloned embryos-that has been on the drawing board for some time. What made this report so startling was that the Read More ›

fossil trilobite imprint in the sediment
fossil trilobite imprint in the sediment

The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories

On August 4th, 2004 an extensive review essay by Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, Director of Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture appeared in the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington (volume 117, no. 2, pp. 213-239). The Proceedings is a peer-reviewed biology journal published at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. Dr. Meyer argues that no current materialistic theory of evolution can account for the origin of the information necessary to build novel animal forms. He proposes intelligent design as an alternative explanation for the origin of biological information and the higher taxa. Read More ›

Was Starlight Deflection Important for the Acceptance of General Relativity?

A criticism has been posted on several places on the Internet concerning our claim in The Privileged Planet that total solar eclipses were important to the confirmation and rapid acceptance of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Critique The basic criticism is as follows. Observations of the deflection of starlight near the Sun during total eclipses were not very important for Read More ›

Death Duties

Preaching Eugenics Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movementby Christine RosenOxford University Press, 296 pp., $35 EUGENICS—now, there’s one of those words that has a dated, distant sound: a remnant of Victorian arrogance that got taken up by the Nazis and made an excuse for murder. But that is ancient history. We would never stoop to such evil. We have Read More ›

When Is Cloning not “Cloning”?

John Kerry has a well-deserved reputation for waffling and attempting to get on every side of every issue. Now, he’s done it again by signing up as a co-sponsor (along with Senators Orin Hatch and Dianne Feinstein) of what could be called the Human Cloning Legalization and Legitimization Act of 2003 (S. 303). The legislation isn’t really called that. Such Read More ›

No Child Left Behind Act and the “Santorum Language”

In 2001 Congress adopted report language in the No Child Left Behind Act Conference Report encouraging educators to teach “the full range of scientific views that exist” on controversial topics “such as biological evolution.” Known as the “Santorum language” (because it was originally proposed by Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania), this statement of congressional science education policy was passed with Read More ›

Federal Department of Education Backs Academic Freedom on Evolution Controversy

Click here to read the full text of the letter from the Department of Education. SEATTLE, MARCH 9 – The US Department of Education has given its clear support to the right of state and local school boards to teach the scientific debate that now exists about biological evolution. In a March 8 letter signed by Acting Deputy Secretary Gene Read More ›

Remaining Factual Errors In Biology Textbooks, as of April 2004

REMAINING FACTUAL ERRORS TO BE CORRECTED IN BIOLOGY TEXTBOOKS PROPOSED UNDER PROCLAMATION 2001 The Texas State Board of Education voted last year to adopt eleven proposed biology textbooks for use in state schools after a commitment from the Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency that all remaining factual errors in the textbooks would be addressed by publishers before the textbooks Read More ›