Pennsylvania School District Considers Supplemental Textbook Supportive of Intelligent Design

In October, 2004, the Dover Area School District in Pennsylvania decided to make available as a supplementary textbook, “Of Pandas and People” which discusses the theory of intelligent design. According to the district superintendent, the text is not a required part of the curriculum but will be available to students or teachers who want to use it as a reference Read More ›

One Long Bluff

This article was originally posted on September 29, 2004. The September 9, 2004 issue of Nature reported the publication of an article advocating the theory of intelligent design in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The article, written by Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Stephen C. Meyer and titled “The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories,” was published in the Read More ›

Do U.S. Scientists Have a Right to Perform Human Cloning?

LifeNews.com Note: Wesley J. Smith is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and a special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture. His next book, Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World, will be released this fall. DOES THE FIRST AMENDMENT guarantee the right to conduct research into human cloning? The question seems silly. But, according to the Read More ›

TV News: Blind to Market?

If you managed a business and noticed one of your five major competitors had changed its product design and was gaining market share against your firm and other competitors, what would you do? A decade ago, the world’s automobile manufacturers noticed firms with SUVs in their product line were gaining market share. Companies that produced no SUVs quickly added them Read More ›

We Can Fight Terrorism by Fostering Free Debate

Israelis understand terrorism well. Long before 9/11 and Beslan, Israelis experienced unrelenting terrorist attacks for decades, including hijackings, suicide bombings and attacks on children. Nothing that we experience today is new to them. They live in a world of guards outside every restaurant, market and bus stop, guards who check bags for explosives. During my trip to Israel to attend Read More ›

Consent of the Governed

If I told you the world is becoming both more and less democratic at the same time, you might reply, “how can that be?”. Follow along and you shall see. Do you believe “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed?” It is not just the overwhelming majority of Americans who believe in Read More ›

Taxes, Truth and CBS

How do you think the sanctimonious people at TV’s “60 Minutes” would portray a company charged by the FCC with “serious indecency violations,” that made expensive settlements with employees and others because of injuries related to asbestos and other hazardous material exposures, underfunded its employee pension, is legally accused of securities violations, employs those who widely distributed forged documents in Read More ›

baby patient
Close-up of a hand and heart rate baby monitor
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Now They Want to Euthanize Children

First, Dutch euthanasia advocates said that patient killing will be limited to the competent, terminally ill who ask for it. Then, when doctors began euthanizing patients who clearly were not terminally ill, sweat not, they soothed: medicalized killing will be limited to competent people with incurable illnesses or disabilities. Then, when doctors began killing patients who were depressed but not Read More ›

Multidrug resistant bacteria inside a biofilm
Antibiotic resistant bacteria inside a biofilm, 3D illustration. Biofilm is a community of bacteria where they aquire antibiotic resistance and communicate with each other by quorum sensing molecules

Genetic Analysis of Coordinate Flagellar and Type III Regulatory Circuits in Pathogenic Bacteria

Abstract:┬áThe bacterial flagellum represents one of the best understood molecular machines. Comprised of 40 parts that self-assemble into a true rotary engine, the biochemistry and genetics of these systems has revealed an unanticipated complexity. An essential component to assembly is the subset of parts that function as a protein secretory pump to ensure and discriminate that the correct number of protein subunits and their order of secretion is precisely regulated during assembly. Of further interest is the recognition of late that a number of important plant and animal pathogens use a related protein secretory pump fused to a membrane-spanning needle-like syringe by which a subset of toxins can be injected into target host cells. Together, the flagellar and virulence protein pumps are referred to as Type III Secretion Systems (TTSS). The archetype for TTSS systems has been the pathogenic members of the genus Yersinia which includes the organism responsible for bubonic plague, Y. pestis. Our interest in the Yersinia centers on the coordinate genetic regulation between flagellum biosynthesis and virulence TTSS expression. Y. enterocolitica, for example operates three TTSSs (motility, Ysa, and Yop), but each is expressed under defined mutually exclusive conditions. Y. pestis has lost the ability to assemble flagella (the genes are present on the chromosome) and expresses only the Yop system at 37oC, mammalian temperature. Using a combination of microarray analysis, genetic fusions, and behaviors of specific engineered mutants, we demonstrate how environmental factors influence gene expression of these multigene families, where the influence is exerted within each system, and propose why segregating these systems is critical for the organism. Our model further offers an explanation as to why an important subset of human pathogens has lost motility during their histories. Read More ›

Amicus Curiae Brief of Biologists and Georgia Scientists, in Support of Defendants

Introduction Amici curiae are scientists who live in the State of Georgia and throughout the United States. Each of the individual signatories to the brief has earned a science-related doctoral degree. Amici include tenured university professors, research scientists and scientists in private industry. Amici are all scientists who question Neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory (the modern Darwinian theory of evolution) from a Read More ›