Darwinism, Design and Public Education

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Only evolution in the classroom, insist Darwin’s defenders. No evolution in the classroom, cry creationists. The debate over how best to teach evolution has devolved into an either-or argument that threatens science education in our schools. Both views reflect poor science, and if either side wins, students will lose. But there is another approach — teach the controversy. Instead of pretending there is no debate over Darwin’s theory, we should use it to further educate students about the scientific debate over evolutionary theory.

Darwinism, Design and Public Education, the new peer-reviewed science book from Michigan State University Press, goes beyond these extremes and explores the controversy amongst scientists about the strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian evolution, and the emerging challenge from the scientific theory of intelligent design. The book presents a road map for how the debate can be used to advance science education, teach critical thinking, and help students better understand this complex issue.

Read the article that started it all: Teach the Controversy, by Stephen C. Meyer.

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