Aquinas and Evolution

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“All future writing on the subject will have to take account of Fr. Chaberek’s trenchant critique.” Jay W. Richards, PhD, analytic philosopher, Fellow at Discovery Institute, Co-founder of Institute for Faith, Work and Economics.

“A large number of contemporary Thomists insist that theistic evolutionism- understood as the claim that the origin and development of all living things can be explained wholly in terms of the operation of secondary causes with no reference to divine intervention in the course of nature – is altogether consistent with their master’s philosophy and theology. Fr. Michael Charabek amply demonstrates in this timely work that this is not the case, that theistic evolutionism is, in fact, inescapably at odds with fundamental elements of Thomas’ thought.” Robert Larmer, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of New Brunswick

Fr. Michael Chaberek O.P., S.T.D. is a member of the Polish Dominican Province, with a Doctorate in Fundamental Theology from Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw. His academic focus includes science and faith dialogue, theology of creation and the theory of intelligent design. Fr. Chaberek is the author of Catholicism and Evolution (Angelico Press, 2015) and a contributor to More than Myth?: Seeking the full Truth about Genesis, Creation and Evolution (Chartwell Press, 2014).

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