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Remembering Will Provine, Friend and Adversary
Evolution News & Views Phillip E. Johnson September 8, 2015
Phillip E. Johnson Replies to Nancey Murphy's Review of Darwin on Trial
Excerpt from Reason in the Balance
Intervarsity Press (IVP) Phillip E. Johnson January 1, 2011
Dogmatic Signs
A Review of Signature in the Cell
Touchstone Magazine Phillip E. Johnson November 10, 2010
Intelligent Design in Biology: the Current Situation and Future Prospects
Think (The Royal Institute of Philosophy) Phillip E. Johnson February 19, 2007
Intelligent Design, Freedom, & Education Phillip E. Johnson May 9, 2003
The Right Questions
Truth, Meaning & Public Debate
InterVarsity Press Johnson, Phillip E. October 1, 2002
The Wedge of Truth
Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism
InterVarsity Press Johnson, Phillip E. July 1, 2000
The Robot Rebellion of Richard Dawkins
Christian Research Journal 22, no. 1 Phillip E. Johnson June 14, 2000
Reflections on C. S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength
First Things 101 Phillip E. Johnson March 1, 2000
Articles by Phillip E. Johnson
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Various Phillip E. Johnson February 24, 2000
The Religious Implications of Teaching Evolution
The Chronicle of Higher Education Phillip E. Johnson November 12, 1999
Metaphysics Matters:
Review of In Defense of Natural Law by Robert P. George (Clarendon/Oxford University Press)
First Things 97 Phillip E. Johnson November 1, 1999
The Church of Darwin
The Wall Street Journal Phillip E. Johnson August 16, 1999
Objections Sustained
Subversive Essays on Evolution, Law & Culture
InterVarsity Press, Johnson, Phillip E. June 1, 1998
The Unraveling of Scientific Materialism
First Things Phillip E. Johnson November 1, 1997
Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds
InterVarsity Press Johnson, Phillip E. July 1, 1997
Darwin On Trial
InterVarsity Press Johnson, Phillip E. January 1, 1991