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Evolutionary Psychology Meets Economics 101
Evolution News & Views David K. DeWolf January 17, 2012
Science Is Not a "Brooding Omnipresence in the Sky"
Evolution News & Views David K. DeWolf December 6, 2011
The "Teach the Controversy" Controversy
University of St. Thomas Journal of Law & Public Policy David K. DeWolf June 2, 2010
Evolution and Dissent
Boston Globe David K. DeWolf June 11, 2007
Intelligent Design Will Survive Kitzmiller v. Dover
Montana Law Review, vol. 68, no. 1 David K. DeWolf, John G. West, and Casey Luskin June 8, 2007
Teaching About Evolution in the Public Schools: A Short Summary of the Law
Discovery Institute Prof. David K. DeWolf, J.D. and Seth L. Cooper, J.D. June 20, 2006
Traipsing Into Evolution
Intelligent Design and the Kitzmiller v. Dover Decision
Discovery Institute Press DeWolf, David K., West, John G., Luskin, Casey and Witt, Jonathan April 1, 2006
Anti-ID stance is good old intolerance again
Philadelphia Inquirer David K. DeWolf and Randall Wegner October 18, 2005
Teaching the Origins Controversy:
Science, Or Religion, Or Speech?
Utah Law Review 39 David K. DeWolf, Stephen C. Meyer, Mark E. DeForrest February 9, 2000
Teaching the Controversy:
Darwinism, Design and the Public School Science Curriculum
The Foundation for Thought and Ethics David K. DeWolf, Stephen C. Meyer, Mark E. DeForrest October 1, 1999
Teaching the Origins Controversy:
A Guide for the Perplexed
Special Discovery Institute Report David K. DeWolf August 20, 1999
A Pro-Life Case for the Daschle Bill
The Wall Street Journal Stephen C. Meyer And David K. DeWolf June 6, 1997
Fetal Position
National Review Stephen C. Meyer, David K. Dewolf March 20, 1995
Trouble in Political Paradise
The Chicago Tribune Stephen C. Meyer, David K. DeWolf October 18, 1994