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A Report on the ASA Conference Debate on Pandas and People Textbook
Access Research Network Paul Nelson September 1, 1995
Can the Origin of the Genetic Code Be Explained by Direct RNA Templating?
BIO-Complexity Stephen C. Meyer, Paul A. Nelson August 24, 2011
Debating The Controversy That Doesn’t Exist
Discovery Institute Paul Nelson April 6, 2006
Debating the Controversy That Doesn't Exist
Discovery Institute Paul Nelson April 6, 2006
Explore Evolution: The Arguments For and Against Neo-Darwinism
Hill House Meyer, Stephen C., Scott Minnich, Jonathan Moneymaker, Paul A.Nelson, Ralph Seelke June 1, 2007
Getting Rid of the Unfair Rules
A Book Review
Origins & Design Stephen C. Meyer and Paul A. Nelson May 1, 1996
Homology in Biology:
Problem for Naturalistic Science and Prospect for Intelligent Design
Darwinism, Design, and Public Education Paul A. Nelson & Jonathan Wells December 1, 2003
A Concept in Crisis
Origins & Design 18, no. 2 Jonathan Wells, Paul Nelson September 1, 1997
ISCID Chat With Paul Nelson:
Ontogenetic Depth as a Complexity Metric for the Cambrian Explosion Paul Nelson February 6, 2003
Jettison the Arguments, or the Rule?
The Place of Darwinian Theological Themata in Evolutionary Reasoning
Naturalism, Theism and the Scientific Enterprise: An Interdisciplinary Conference at the University of Texas Paul Nelson February 20, 1997
Literature Survey
Origins & Design 17, no. 1 Paul Nelson January 1, 1996
Literature Survey
Origins & Design 17, no. 2 Paul Nelson March 1, 1996
Literature Survey
Origins & Design 18, no. 1 Paul Nelson January 1, 1997
Literature Survey:
Darwin's Theology
Origins & Design 19, no. 1 Paul Nelson June 1, 1998
Paul Nelson Powerpoint
Paul Nelson Paul Nelson January 1, 1986
Problems with Characterizing the Protostome-Deuterostome Ancestor
Society for Developmental Biology 2004 Annual Meeting, Poster Number 254 Paul Nelson & Marcus Ross July 28, 2004
The Bulldog's Life: Part I
Review of Huxley: The Devil's Disciple by Adrian Desmond, London: Michael Joseph, 1994
Origins & Design 17, no. 1 Paul Nelson January 1, 1996
The Cambrian Explosion:
Biology's Big Bang
Darwinism, Design and Public Education Stephen C. Meyer, Marcus Ross, Paul Nelson & Paul Chien December 1, 2003
The Whole Question of Metaphysics
Report on the AAAS 1993 Boston meeting discussing "The New Anti-Evolutionism" and Professor Michael Ruse's surprising remarks
Origins Research 15, no. 1 Paul Nelson June 1, 1993
Thinking About the Theory of Design
A Report on the Symposium "Can There be a Scientific Theory of Intelligent Design?" held at the 48th Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA, August 9, 1993
Origins Research 15, no. 2 Paul Nelson December 1, 1993
What Would Real Little Green Men Tell Us About Evolution--And God?
Review of Are We Alone? Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life by Paul Davies, New York: Basic Books, 1995
Origins & Design 17, no. 1 Paul Nelson January 1, 1996