A PhD Evolutionary Biologist on Why He Embraces Intelligent Design

ID the Future
Jonathan McLatchie
Jonathan McLatchie
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Today’s ID the Future brings listeners the second half of a live event featuring evolutionary biologist Jonathan McLatchie fielding questions about evolution and intelligent design. McLatchie has a PhD in evolutionary biology but rejects the Darwinian idea that all life evolved from a common ancestor through blind processes such as random genetic mutations and natural selection. Here he provides additional reasons for concluding that much of the complex machinery found in molecular biology is well beyond the reach of mindless evolution. Other questions from the audience take McLatchie beyond intelligent design theory into related matters. If the evidence for design is so strong in biology, why don’t more biologists embrace it? What is his view on the age of Earth and the universe? And what is his advice to young ID proponents considering a career in biology? Part 1 of this event is here.