Jonathan Wells

Senior Fellow, Center for Science and Culture


Intelligent Design in Brazil: A Jonathan Wells Field Report

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had such respectful give-and-take, from both professors and students.” Jonathan Wells gives that encouraging word and more when he speaks with Ray Bohlin about his recent visit to Brazil. Interest in intelligent design is strong there, audiences were large, and the Q&A lively. Among other things, Wells reports on Discovery Institute-Mackenzie at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo.

Darwin’s Finches: Meet the New Hype, Same as the Old Hype

On this episode of ID The Future, Ray Bohlin talks with CSC Senior Fellow Jonathan Wells, author of the Zombie Science, about some new hype over Darwin’s finches, an icon of evolution that just won’t die. Seventeen years after Icons of Evolution, Darwin’s finches are back in the news and can still be found in biology textbooks despite the fact that they illustrate no net evolutionary change nor did they play a role in helping Darwin formulate his theory.

Zombie Science Author: From Berserkeley to Berkeley and Back Again

On this episode of ID the Future, Zombie Science author Jonathan Wells talks about his multifaceted, impressive and, at times, quirky educational history. Dr. Wells started as an undergrad geology major at Princeton and later moved to Berkeley to finish his undergraduate work. He was arrested as a conscientious objector and saw the ugly side of the anti-war movement. Disgusted, he moved to the remote mountains and there discovered evidence of intelligent design. After snagging a Ph.D. in theology from Yale, he returned Berkeley for his second Ph.D., this one in embryology. It was in studying embryos that Dr. Wells came across his first Icon of Evolution, Haeckel’s embryos. More icons soon followed. These and the dogmatism of the scientific Read More ›

Separating Fact from Faith in Science

An accountant wonders how people can separate fact from faith in scientific claims, and biologist Jonathan Wells (author of Zombie Science) and playwright Matt Chait respond. This conversation was taped live in Hollywood during a discussion after the final performance of Disinherit the Wind, a play that tells the story of a neurobiologist who sues his university for the right to challenge neo-Darwinian evolution.

Back to School: A Guide to Bogus Evidence for Evolution

On this episode of ID the Future, Robert Crowther asks biologist Jonathan Wells, author of Zombie Science, what icons of evolution students should be on the lookout for as they head back to school. Wells says there are several still in wide circulation.

Zombie Science Author Jonathan Wells Reviews the Reviews

On this episode of ID the Future, Ray Bohlin gets author Jonathan Wells’ reaction to early feedback on Wells’ new book, Zombie Science. Listen in as Wells shares his favorite endorsement, discusses evolutionist Jerry Coyne’s “review” (Coyne doesn’t appear even to have read the book), and describes a spoof review that … well, listen and decide for yourself what you think the reviewer’s real message was.