Wesley J. Smith

Chair and Senior Fellow, Center on Human Exceptionalism


Bioethicist Pushes Human Extinction in Prestigious Journal

The fear of suffering (or deprivation of personal desires) is causing untold moral harm in the West — from ever-expanding euthanasia laws to the march of increasingly radical reproductive technologies, to transitioning children with gender dysphoria with harmful puberty blockers and mastectomies on teenage girls, to transhumanistic advocacy that threatens to unleash new eugenics, etc.

UN Bureaucrat: Destroy Science to Save Us From ‘Global Boiling’

​“Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do,” is often good advice. But sometimes what they “say” is precisely what they plan to do. Case in point: A United Nations official named Volker Türk just published a column in Nature—the world’s most prestigious scientific journal—in which he proposes to “protect the right to science” to combat “climate change.”

Saving Humans Is More Important Than Saving Pigs

The chronic shortage of organs for transplantation has some bioethicists supporting unethical curatives, such as doing away with the dead-donor rule, allowing organ procurement to be not only paired with euthanasia — already being done in Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands — but also used as a means of euthanasia, and even allowing healthy people to consent to donating their vital organs.

‘Ocean Rights’ Earth Religion Advances in the UN

The “international world order” is increasingly radical in its environmental engagement and anti-human in the policies it promotes. In the great cause of “saving the planet,” scientific precepts and empirical analyses are being cast aside in favor of a neo-earth religious mysticism.

The Canadian Culture of Death Brooks No Dissent

Mere legalization of euthanasia is never enough. Eventually, efforts will be made to compel dissenting doctors and institutions to become complicit in the killing of sick patients — even if it violates constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion.

Say No to ‘Public Health’ Imperialism

COVID-19 mandates and lockdowns opened the door. Now, the medical establishment is redefining our most contentious political controversies as “public health emergencies” so as to circumvent public resistance and impose policies on society unobtainable through normal democratic means.

Why We Can’t Trust the Science Journals

The science and medical journals have become highly ideological on many of the most important and contentious societal issues of the day, ranging from global warming to gender ideology, to critical race theory, to virtually everything woke.