Scott S. Powell

Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth and Poverty


Celebrating July Fourth Rings Hollow Without Fidelity To America’s Founding Ideals

Let’s make this July Fourth a day of celebration of our founding ideals and a time of renewed commitment to engage and wake up our nation.
We know it’s time to resist creeping tyranny and reclaim precious possessions — our freedoms and rights. It’s time to become active in the patriot cause, knowing that — just as the sun comes up in the east — persistence, courage, and the truth of our cause are the shield and sword that assure victory.   

This Memorial Day, Remember The Courage And Forgiveness That Made America Great

When Americans sacrificed their lives in military service, it was not just to defend the United States but to uphold the natural rights associated with the nation’s founding.
If the last few generations of Americans understood the origin and meaning of Memorial Day, we might have avoided the trauma of division and corruption that now threatens the United States as never before.  

The Final Chinafication of the United States

Even if the United States wanted to wean itself from China for national security reasons it would remain dependent on key minerals for its energy and transportation systems, and this time the dependency will be with one country—China. As the Institute for Energy Research reports, the advancement of the Green New Deal will mean further ‘Chinafication’ of the U.S.