Scott S. Powell

Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth and Poverty


Weakness and Underestimating Enemies Invites War

The talk about whether the United States could prevail in a two-front war—against Russia in the European theater to defend Ukraine and against China in the Pacific theater to defend Taiwan—has suddenly been eclipsed. 

America at the Crossroads: A Free Republic or a Police State?

It’s not easy for elites in the public and private sector in America—who live in luxury and are removed from majority of the people—to acknowledge their failures and wayward priorities. But that awareness can be driven by the people, who can more easily recognize that acknowledging failure and the need for God are the keys and cornerstone to spiritual revival, which will in turn open the way for America’s recovery and renewal. 

Why Columbus Day Should Be Celebrated

Seen from the big picture, Columbus Day is worth keeping and honoring because it was foundational to founding a new nation by people who largely shared the core beliefs and the qualities of character that were also exhibited by Columbus.

Labor Day: Celebrating the Vision of Human Flourishing

For most people, Labor Day is a rather vague holiday without the clarity and meaning typically associated with other holidays. Yet in its most complete context, Labor Day should be recognized as the holiday that celebrates not only labor, but also the ideas, job creators, and institutions central to the flourishing of the United States and its people.

Celebrating July Fourth Rings Hollow Without Fidelity To America’s Founding Ideals

Let’s make this July Fourth a day of celebration of our founding ideals and a time of renewed commitment to engage and wake up our nation.
We know it’s time to resist creeping tyranny and reclaim precious possessions — our freedoms and rights. It’s time to become active in the patriot cause, knowing that — just as the sun comes up in the east — persistence, courage, and the truth of our cause are the shield and sword that assure victory.