Brian Miller

Research Coordinator, Center for Science and Culture


Why Information is the Basis of the Universe

On this episode of ID The Future, Sarah Chaffee talks with physicist Dr. Brian Miller about a recent article that argues that the fundamental basis of the universe is information. In this episode, Miller explains how physicists have come to rethink the role of information, moving from a materialist view in which information is seen as a byproduct of matter to a view in which information is seen as fundamental to the fabric of the cosmos.

Dr. Brian Miller Explores Coevolution

On this episode of ID The Future, Sarah Chaffee interviews Center for Science and Culture Research Coordinator Dr. Brian Miller about co-evolution. Together they explore a recent paper on the subject by Winston Ewert and Robert Marks in BIO-Complexity.

Jeremy England’s Physics-Based OOL Theory Under the Microscope

On this episode of ID the Future, Brian Miller, who holds a Ph.D. in physics from Duke University, examines Dr. Jeremy England’s physics-based theory of the origin of life. England’s theory, based on his studies of “non-equilibrium systems,” suggests that a system driven strongly enough could create order and therefore be a potential explanation for the origin of life. Miller summarizes the theory and discusses what he sees as its fatal weaknesses.

Brian Miller on Why Free Energy Means No Free Lunches for the Origin of Life

On this episode of ID the Future, Brian Miller discusses common myths about the origin of life. Listen in to learn more about how low entropy and information differ, what the concept of free energy has to tell us about moving from non-life to the first life, and why physical processes cannot account for the information in the genetic code.

Can This Be Explained With Just What’s In The Room? A Cold-Case Detective on Intelligent Design

On this episode of ID the Future, J. Warner Wallace discusses with host Brian Miller the role that Wallace’s work as a cold-case detective played in him first analyzing the evidence for intelligent design, and how that evidence played a key role in his journey. Wallace says he was attracted to the story and person of Jesus but confronted the question of whether science and reason allowed for anything inconsistent with philosophical materialism. Listen in as Miller and Wallace examine the natural world as one would a crime scene.

Brian Miller on How Fitness Terrains Spell Trouble for Eye Evolution

On this episode of ID the Future, Dr. Brian Miller examines evolutionary explanations for the development of the eye. What is needed to build a complex eye? And how long would it take to get the necessary coordinated mutations? Miller argues the eye presents multiple insurmountable problems for evolution.

Optimization and Design: Brian Miller on Fitness Terrains

On this episode of ID the Future, CSC Research Coordinator Dr. Brian Miller discusses micro and macro evolution in terms of fitness terrains. Can we compare design principles in human engineering to life? Listen in as Miller shares how the process of optimization unravels the explanatory power of neo-Darwinism.

Brian Miller on Letting Alien Feet in the Door to Keep a Divine Foot Out

Harvard geneticist Richard Lewontin famously insisted that science must never let a “divine foot in the door.” On this episode of ID the Future, Discovery Institute’s new research coordinator for the Center for Science and Culture looks at the bizarre place this has taken evolutionist William Hamilton. Arguing that an “ultimate good, which is of a religious nature,” could exist, Hamilton describes this higher source not as God or any other non-material entity but as aliens who set up earth as a type of zoo. Listen in. It gets even stranger.