Caitlyn McKenney

Program Coordinator, Center on Wealth and Poverty


Courts Are Dismissing Eviction Cases on the Grounds of “Confusion”

A couple living in Kent, a city south of Seattle, was issued an eviction notice in May 2023 and then granted a continuance in court – a delay in eviction proceedings – five times over the last eleven months. Then last month, a King County Superior Court judge dismissed the case. The landlord has lost more than $23,000 in unpaid rent, a cost that continues to grow by $2,100 every month. Why was the case dismissed eleven months after the eviction notice was served? According to the judge, the notice was “confusing.” To understand the source of confusion, we have to go back to spring 2020, when the federal government passed the CARES Act. Alongside other measures to provide economic aid and relief during the COVID pandemic, the act established a lengthy eviction moratorium and

Leftist Media Distort New Homelessness Study To Support Failed ‘Housing First’ Policies

Following the release of a UCSF homelessness study, the media have heralded free housing as the solution. But the data suggests otherwise.
Advocates of “Housing First” as the solution for homelessness are praising a new study that supposedly proves their case. The trouble is, the study — conducted by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) — proves no such thing.