George Gilder

Senior Fellow and Co-Founder of Discovery Institute


Economics Is Not For Actuaries

Would conservatives please forget the Social Security “problem”? As Peter Drucker once wrote in these pages, “Don’t solve problems, pursue opportunities.” When Republicans solve “problems,” they feed their failures, starve their strengths, and fritter away their remaining power in political imbroglios and special interest pork-fests. Nothing good is going to come from political haggling over some hypothetical Social Security crisis Read More ›

The Information Factories

The desktop is dead. Welcome to the Internet cloud, where massive facilities across the globe will store all the data you'll ever use.

Evolution and Me

The Darwinian theory has become an all-purpose obstacle to thought rather than an enabler of scientific advance
Editors Note: Discovery senior fellow, technology guru and conservative economist George Gilder has a major essay in the new issue of National Review, entitled “Evolution and Me: Darwinian Theory has Become an All-Purpose Obstacle to Thought Rather than an Enabler of Scientific Advance.” The piece offers a unique and fresh perspective on the issue of materialism vs. design and is Read More ›

Are We Spiritual Machines?

Ray Kurzweil vs. the Critics of Strong A.I.
In the closing session of the 1998 Telecosm conference, hosted by Gilder Publishing and Forbes at Lake Tahoe, inventor and author Ray Kurzweil engaged a number of critics. He advocated “Strong Artificial Intelligence” (AI), the claim that a computational process sufficiently capable of altering or organizing itself can produce “consciousness. The session had an unexpectedly profound impact, not least because a Read More ›