George Gilder

Senior Fellow and Co-Founder of Discovery Institute


Who Will Protect Cyberspace?

President Obama received a Cyberspace Policy Review from cybersecurity experts this week and pledged to create an Office of Cybersecurity Coordinator in the White House. A federal cybersecurity coordinator may help government agencies better coordinate their responsibilities and authorities and eliminate duplicative or inconsistent efforts. But most of the networks and computers which power the world’s most dynamic economy and support the strongest military Read More ›

The Coming Creativity Boom

The real source of all growth is human ingenuity and entrepreneurship, which often thrive in the worst of times—and are always surprising. Knowledge is about the past; entrepreneurship is about the future. In a crisis the world of expertise pulls the global economy ever deeper into the past, where accountant-economists ruminate on the labyrinthine statistics of leviathan trade gaps, tides Read More ›

Blinkered Sages

David Berlinski’s new book describes the remarkable extent to which the dominant religion of the intelligentsia is now “science.” This new religion — which is based on atheism and materialism — is actually better termed “scientism,” since its religious claims far overreach its scientific content. Scientism reflects the tendency of scientists to become what Ortega y Gasset called “barbarians of Read More ›

When Moore Meets Metcalfe

“Profits go to the supplier of the missing element that completes a system.”—Peter Drucker For investors who know that human-caused global warming is hokum, as proved by the new book The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon, this is a supreme moment of contrarian upside promise. Solomon shows that hundreds of the most prestigious and knowledgeable scientists in the field, from paramount Read More ›

Unleashing the Exaflood

Two decades ago, Sun Microsystems prophesied: “The network is the computer.” Today, BitTorrent video and 3D graphics flood the Internet, Apple iPhones tap the Net’s computing power, and PC-king Microsoft pursues Net-centric Yahoo. Sun’s mantra has become reality. But as the Internet booms and moves to the center of the global economic sphere, it draws proportional attention from politicians and Read More ›

Estimating the Exaflood

The Impact of Video and Rich Media on the Internet. A "zettabyte" by 2015?
[Listen to Podcast] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY An upsurge of technological change and a rising tide of new forms of data are working a deep transformation of the Internet’s capabilities and uses. In this third phase of Net evolution, network architectures and commercial business plans reflect the dominance of rich video and media traffic. From YouTube, IPTV, and high-definition images, to “cloud Read More ›

Telecosm 2007

LAN's End
The World at Our Fingertips  Steve Forbes The Exacosm George Gilder The Global Warming Myth Dr. Noah Robinson

The Wireless Wars

The 10-year war mounted by EU bureaucrats and Europe’s communications giants against America’s leading wireless technology innovator, Qualcomm, is now reaching a climax. On Monday, Nokia refused to renew licenses on next generation technology following EU ally Broadcom’s suit at the International Trade Commission to bar import of cellphones containing Qualcomm chips from factories in Taiwan. A decade ago, with Read More ›

Ten Laws Of The Telecosm Redux

The last time I saw Peter Drucker, he was keynoting a Forbes conference in Seattle for CEOs. In the auditorium at the International Trade Center next to the bay, they had wheeled out the great man to the middle of the stage in a great fluffy easy chair. Close to 90 years old—at the end of the previous century gazing Read More ›