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Deadly Medicine

The Forgotten History of Eugenics
As the congressional debate over embryonic stem cell research reignites after the Easter recess, few will recall the passing anniversary of another great bioethics debate. Only one century ago, eugenics – the attempt to improve the human race through better breeding – was all the rage in the scientific world. And this spring marks the centenary of the world’s first Read More ›

Evangelical atheists crusade against ‘‘pernicious’’ religions

WASHINGTON – When it comes to science and God, Americans want it all — “MRIs and miracles,” according to this week’s Time magazine. Increasingly, however, evangelicals are standing in the way. But these religionists may not be who you think. Richard Dawkins, Oxford Darwinist and best-selling author of “The God Delusion,” says you can’t have it all. Religion is pernicious Read More ›

Review: The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief

This review appears in the October issue of The American Spectator. To subscribe, click here. The Language of God:A Scientist Presents Evidence for Beliefby Francis S. Collins(Free Press, 304 pages, $26) RECENTLY ASTROPHYSICIST and stalwart Darwin-defender George Coyne lectured before the largest scientific organization in the world, the American Association for the Advancement of Science. As he railed against biological arguments for Read More ›